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McKenna Puppet Presenters Promote Animal Protections

MKe Puppet Show   MKE Puppet Show

Puppets helped raise awareness about endangered species at McKenna Elementary School. Under the direction of teacher Michelle Scott, fourth- and fifth-graders in the Magnet program researched endangered animals and their habitats. The students participated in a live videoconference with the Buffalo Zoo, and studied how propaganda and advertisements can be utilized to support philanthropic foundations.

Students designed and created their own puppets, constructed a stage and made ecosystem backdrops, based upon species of animals that they were interested in. They worked in cooperative teams to write scripts using factual information, as well as persuasive techniques on why the animals should be protected.

As a culminating event, students presented their puppet shows to their parents as well as first- and second-grade classes to publicize how people can assist in saving animals that are critically endangered and vulnerable to extinction.