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Technology Connecting East Lake Students With the World

ELE Digital Penpals  ELE Digital Penpals

Third-grade students are extending their learning outside the friendly confines of East Lake Elementary School by connecting with children on the other side of the world.

In Annette Ready’s class, a technology-based activity spans beyond the Pacific Ocean as her students are interacting with their peers in Shenzhan, China. They have been exchanging short, personal videos across the globe via GridPals. The digital pen pals at both East Lake and in Shenzhen are sharing insights of their interests, hobbies, families and favorite foods. 

“As different as you might imagine Shenzhen to be, you would be hard-pressed to come to that conclusion watching these videos,” Ms. Ready said. “You can envision all these children popping up together at a party or school function. Perhaps the world just isn’t so very different after all.”