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Massapequa Musicians Get Selected for Local Ensembles

More than 100 students from the district were selected for the 2019 All-County Music Festival, hosted by the Nassau Music Educators Association. Concert performances will be held in January at the Tilles Center.

Additional All-County selections include:

Massapequa High School — Isabella Q. (band); Joseph C., Makayla M., Mikayla M., Meaghan O., Carli S. and Daniel S. (chorus); James K., Matthew L., Christian M., Christian S. and Christian W. (mixed chorus); Jack D., Vincent F., Kayla G., Joshua P., Katelyn S., Mia T. and Joseph V. (orchestra); and Sarah B., Claudia B., Alayna C., Samantha C., Antoinette C., Jaclyn D., Alison H., Maria L., Kimberly L., Nicole M., Julianna M., Abigail N., Emily P., Jenny T. and Melissa W. (treble choir).

Ames Campus — Walter John D. (band); Vincent A., David C., Ryan D., Emmeline M. and Jessica W. (chorus); and Madeline D. (orchestra).

Berner Middle School — Austin B., Christopher G., Briana N. and Gavin R. (band); Cooper A., Dylan B., Kellie B., Emily C., Ava C., Sydney C., Ava G., Sofia M., Delana M., Kelsey M. and Kelly M. (chorus); Jordan L. (jazz band); and Tyler B., Andrew B. and Miles T. (orchestra).

Birch Lane Elementary School — Roman P. (band); Katie C., Kaitlyn K., Kaitlyn M., Andrew M. and Vanessa U. (chorus); and Cindy J. (orchestra).

East Lake Elemetnary School — Maeve S. and Vivienne W. (band); Kailyn D., Giuliana F., Olivia R. and Adriana S. (chorus); and Ava J. (orchestra).

Fairfield Elementary School — Sophia B. and Sebastian B. (band); Stephanie G., Allison H., Kayla H. and Claire R. (chorus); and Kayla C. (orchestra).

Lockhart Elementary School — Luke A. and John N.; Aliya H., Giavanna P. and Erin T. (chorus); and Phillip F. (orchestra).

McKenna Elementary School — Louis N. (band); Gianna A., Tiffany G., Brianna L., Abigail M. and Veronica S. (chorus); and Keira K. (orchestra).

Unqua Elementary School — Caiden E., Ethan K. and Thomas V. (band), Silvia I., Ioanna L. and Katelyn M. (chorus), and Isabella D., Lillian D., Aidan L., Jake M. and Julianna P. (orchestra).

Several students were also selected for the Long Island String Festival Association concert, which was held in November. They include Lily B., Kayla G. and Mia T. (MHS - Main), Madeline D. (Ames), Tyler B. and Annalise T. (Berner), Olivia G. (Birch Lane), Kailyn D. (East Lake), Natalie S. (Fairfield), Sophia P. (Lockhart), Keira K. (McKenna) and Aidan L. and Jake. M. (Unqua).