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A Digital Telling of the Distinguished at Unqua

Written reports were just the start for fifth graders at Unqua Elementary School as they used technology to take their biography projects to the next level. Students in Mary Elizabeth Delaney’s class created videos on their subjects which included famous activists, athletes, entertainers, inventors and world leaders. 

Ms. Delaney explained that each student was asked to learn a few facts about five different people who have made a positive difference in the world, then select one to study deeper. The young researchers used print and online sources to gather information for their reports.

 Working with technology learning coach Alison Morgan, students made book trailers using WeVideo. Each student read a summary of his or her report in front of a green screen then, during the editing process, added a picture of that famous person in the background. Students also learned how to make an interactive title slide for their videos. 

Every completed report had a QR code on the cover that would take readers directly to the video when scanned. Ms. Morgan said that the purpose of the digital component was to generate excitement for the research papers and show students that information can be presented using multiple platforms.