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Playing as Wizards and Witches at Unqua

t Once a fictional game in the “Harry Potter” book series, Quidditch is now very much a real activity, and one that students look forward to in physical education classes at Unqua Elementary School. 

The three-week Quidditch unit goes beyond the game that students play in the gymnasium, and instead is a school spirit competition. Everyone participates, kindergarten through fifth grade, and they are assigned to represent one of four houses from “Harry Potter” – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Students are encouraged to wear the colors of their respective houses on physical education days. 

During a match, five players from each team take the court. The chasers score can score points by picking up red balls, known as Quaffles, and getting through the hula hoops that are guarded by a keeper. Other students are assigned to be beaters, who can freeze opponents from other teams. Players can also score points for team spirit, good sportsmanship and finding the golden snitch hidden inside the gym.