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Following the Path to Fitness at Unqua

t Run, walk, spin and hop are all actions encouraged in the new movement pathway at Unqua Elementary School. It was created in partnership with the PTA as a way of encouraging exercise and building strength.

 The movement pathway is located behind the school, adjacent to the playground, and gives students another activity during recess. It begins with a hopscotch board and has several twists and turns before reaching the end. Students can follow straight, curved and zig zag lines, hop five times each on their right and left feet, and do jumping jacks. At one point they crab walk, using both their arms and legs to scoot across the ground and building upper body strength in the process. 

PTA members Cindi St. George and Sue Perakakis spearheaded the project, and they were joined by numerous parent volunteers to paint the movement pathway in early June. The idea was to create a unique space for Unqua students that incorporated exercise and movement without requiring any balls or supplies.   

Physical education teacher Melissa Osborne said it is a great addition to the playground area and can help students improve their agility and balance. It is an activity that can be done independently or with a group of friends. While it is great for all ages, Ms. Osborne said she plans to use the movement pathway next year in physical education classes with her younger students to help them develop their motor skills.