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Wagons Makes a Comeback at Unqua

t Getting around in 1781 wasn’t as easy as in modern times, and fourth graders at Unqua Elementary School experienced what travel was like in the early years of the United States.

For the “Let’s Get Moving” STEAM activity, students worked in teams to build covered wagons. The scenario was that the Revolutionary War was over and they were set to embark on a trip from New York to North Carolina on the Great Wagon Road. Students had to build wagons that could hold the necessary supplies for a long trip.

Building materials included cardboard, a piece of canvas and wooden sticks. Students had to follow the engineering process to design and build their wagons. After construction, students tested the durability of their wagons by adding weights that represented the different items on their supply lists. Magnet and STEAM teacher Loree Moran said that if the wagon broke, children could reflect together and determine how to build it stronger.