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Typing Makes a Comeback in Massapequa Schools

Massapequa students are learning how to type and they couldn’t be happier. Not only are they learning a valuable and needed skill, but they are using an online resource filled with engaging games and competitions.

TypingClub was recently launched for kindergarten through sixth grade students. Alison Morgan, the district’s executive assistant for instructional technology and innovation, said the district recognized the need and there was strong interest among students, teachers and parents to implement a typing program.

In the elementary schools, TypingClub was introduced during library media classes in early January. Lessons were led by the computer teaching assistants and library media specialists, who showed students how to access and navigate the program. Once children got the handle of it, they were able to continue lessons on their own or during assigned time from the classroom teachers, as the program is web-based.

Students became familiar with the home row and which fingers they should use for each key. Typing tasks progressed as students learned more keys and moved through different levels.

Younger students used the TypingClub course Jungle Junior, which introduces letters in alphabetical order, includes a video about each letter and has them warm up their hands with finger exercises. Older students use Typing Jungle, which has games that reinforce skills from the lessons.

Students can earn digital badges and also see statistics on their practice time, words per minute and more.

“TypingClub is an engaging, educational program that will support students learning to type on a keyboard,” Ms. Morgan said. “It’s self-motivated, while developing their keyboarding and digital literacy skills.”

Unqua Elementary School fifth grader Emma M. said it is a user friendly program and it shows her the letter she is typing on the screen during practice exercises. Anthony C. said good typing skills will be useful for longer writing assignments.

“To type faster will help me, like if I’m writing an essay,” he said.

Birch Lane Elementary School fourth grader Daniel C. said after just one session, he already learned a lot, like how to find the bumps on the “f” and “j” keys to position his fingers, and how to go from letter to letter.

“It makes typing really fun,” he said.

At Berner Middle School, sixth graders are currently participating in TypingClub lessons. Student Dominic L. said he recalls his mother telling him about her typing classes in high school, and now it’s his turn to learn.

“It’s about training your hands to be in the right position, and not just using your index finger,” he said.

Added sixth grader Leah C., “I like how it teaches you to type without looking at the keyboard, so it will be faster for you to write.”