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Buddies Make Owl Artwork at Unqua

With winter knocking on the doorstep, kindergartners at Unqua Elementary School have been learning about animals that love the cold weather. They studied the snowy owl, learning many facts about the birds that are native to arctic regions.

As a culminating activity, kindergartners made their own snowy owl art projects on Dec. 14. Students in Christine Radomski’s class had assistance from their fifth grade buddies in Mary Elizabeth Delaney’s class. To create their snowy owl depictions, students had to rip up white and brown construction paper, then glue the pieces on a blue background. They also added eyes, a beak and feet.

Ms. Radomski said that the project not only fostered teamwork, but helped her kindergartners with their fine motor skills. Each student wrote his or her favorite fact about the snowy owl, which were then affixed to their masterpieces.