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A Centuries-Old Exploration at Unqua

Exploration at Unqua  Exploration at Unqua    Exploration at Unqua  Exploration at Unqua           

Fifth graders recently combined 21st century skills with 15th century knowledge at Unqua Elementary School. Students in Sarah Lang’s class used modern-day technology to learn about famous explorers from the 1400s.

Students paired up to research 10 notable new world explorers. Each group was assigned one person to research and then write a newspaper article. On their Chromebooks, they used digital resources such as BrainPOP, Ducksters and World Book Online to gather information.

Ms. Lang said that a big part of the project was learning how to decipher credible sources of information, and they read what looked like a legitimate article on Christopher Columbus, but was actually filled with errors. These research skills will benefit them throughout their educational careers and beyond.

For their newspaper articles, each group had to include information about the explorer’s background, country of origin and parts of the world explored. Students had to take the information they found and write it in their own words. They also had to include images and maps in their projects, which were created digitally with Google Slides. The articles on the 10 explorers were featured together in the final product, “The Scholar Newspaper.”