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Future Kindergartens Get Their Feet Wet

Future Kindergartens  Future Kindergartens

When kindergartners enter school in September in Massapequa, their teachers will already know a lot about them. That's the purpose of the kindergarten screening program, which was held in late May at the six elementary schools.

The program not only gives children a quick introduction to school, but to also gives teachers valuable information to guide their instruction. Each child spends 45 minutes to an hour at the school to meet with teachers at four different stations to review their abilities in multiple areas including letter and sound recognition, knowledge of colors, shapes and patterns, and motor skills. Parents also fill out an online survey, giving a snapshot of their child’s abilities at home.  

Unqua Elementary School Principal Deanna Catapano said that screening staff includes a kindergarten teacher, special education teacher and speech therapist. The information they gather is not only used in determining class placements for the fall, but to know what individual support children will need. The district has a strong support staff at each building including reading teachers, math specialists and occupational therapists.