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Unqua Third Graders Thrilled to be Making Music

The moment young musicians have been waiting for finally arrived in early May at Unqua Elementary School, when third graders got to play their recorders. Since then, they have been learning several songs while becoming quite proficient on the small woodwind instruments.

Because of safety restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, students could only learn the finger movements when they first received their instruments in October. Now they are making music, and have their lessons with teacher Janice Abel in the all-purpose room, which allows ample space for social distancing.

Students have already played a few songs including “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Au Clair de la Lune” and “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” all have different notes and rhythms. They have also been learning how to read music off staff. Ms. Abel noted that the recorder is the introduction to instrumental music for students, who then can select an instrument to play in fourth grade in the band or orchestra.