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Unqua Students Relive Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party  Boston Tea Party

One of the primary causes of the American Revolution – no taxation without representation – was the focal point of an interactive lesson for fourth graders at Unqua Elementary School. Students took a virtual field trip to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, learning important information about American history from the comfort of their classrooms.

The young historians gained insight into the Boston Tea Party without having to travel to Boston. Teacher Jessica Shippos noted that they were able to “storm aboard” one of the 18th century replica vessels during the videoconference and “destroy” the Crown’s tea. Students experienced life during that time period and discovered how the Sons of Liberty successfully overcame obstacles to accomplish their goals and achieve independence. 

Students were assigned different roles and had character cards so they could portray many of the notable figures from that time period including Samuel Adams, James Brewer, John Crane, Andrew Oliver and Thomas Porter. They also expressed their viewpoints by making posters to protest “no taxation without representation.”