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Unqua Students Have Universal Knowledge

Fifth graders explored the world and beyond in an astronomy unit at Unqua Elementary School in the Massapequa School District. Students in Deanna Musacchia’s class then created digital books to reflect their new scientific knowledge.

Topics the students explored included constellations and stars, the Earth’s axis, revolution and rotation, gravity, the moon, the solar system and the sun. Using the Book Creator app on their Chromebooks, they published digital books with a page on each of these areas, as well as a cover page, table of contents, introduction and conclusion. Each student’s table of contents had links so readers could go to any page with just one click.

Students worked with technology learning coach Alison Morgan to explore Book Creator’s different features. Students learned how to edit text, add pictures and music, embed videos and record themselves reading or summarizing part of the book. Ms. Musacchia said that they were encouraged to be creative as possible to make their books fun and engaging.

All of the completed projects were shared on a digital bookshelf on Ms. Musacchia’s PowerSchool Learning page, allowing students to read each other’s books and also giving parents a chance to check out the great work.