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Unqua Kindergartners Ring in Spring

Ring in SpringRing in Spring

Kindergartners have been all about spring at Unqua Elementary School, celebrating the change of the season.

In Christine Radomski’s class, children learned about different word families through their Fundations work. They identified words that end in “ain,” “ick” and “ug.” To show off their knowledge of new words, students made spring-themed projects highlighting these different word families, including chicks, lady bugs and umbrellas with rain drops.

Ms. Radomski explained that by learning these new words, and by being able to identify words with common sounds, children become more fluent readers.

Melissa Bruno’s kindergartners began their study of spring by reading “Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms,” by Julia Rawlinson. Students then identified some occurrences that happen every spring, such as trees and flowers blooming and animals emerging from hibernation. They also had conversations about activities they like to do outside when the weather gets warmer.

As a culminating project, Ms. Bruno’s students made a blossoming tree craft with crumpled up pieces of brightly colored paper. Each kindergartner also drew a picture reflecting his or her favorite scene from the book.