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Unqua Students Travel the World From Their Classrooms

Third graders have been exploring the world at Unqua Elementary School, learning about other states and countries.

As part of the third grade social studies curriculum, students have been immersed in a study of Japan. They used books as well as online resources such as Ducksters, PebbleGo and World Book Online to learn different facts about Japan’s geography and culture. They completed “All About a Country” posters with information about Japan’s celebrations and traditions, flag, government, language, location, natural resources and fun facts.

Later in the year, students will also have in-depth studies of Brazil and Kenya. Teacher Jamie Henchy said that the social studies curriculum focuses on world geography, so students explore countries from different continents.

A bulletin board in Judy Hughes’ third grade class has been filling up with postcards from around the world. Students and their parents reached out to relatives and friends, asking them to send in postcards. Within a few weeks, the class received dozens of postcards from locations around the United States and internationally, including Canada, France, Japan, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.