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Unqua Students Shine With Good Character

Character education is just as important as reading, writing and arithmetic in Jill Corson’s classroom at Unqua Elementary School. Her third grade students learn how to be good citizens in the classroom and beyond.

Each month, Ms. Corson spotlights a different character trait. So far this year, the class has focused on citizenship, respect, problem-solving, cooperation, caring and patience. She explained that while it’s good for students to learn about these positive behaviors, it’s even more important for them to put the lessons into practice on a daily basis in all aspects of their lives. 

“It’s important because these are life skills that we all need,” Ms. Corson said. “‘Do the right thing, be the right person’ is my motto.”

Each month, two students in the classroom receive the Shining Star award for demonstrating good character. Ms. Corson does not pick the winners, but instead leaves the decision up to her students. Everyone fills out a nomination form not only naming a student who should receive the award but citing examples of how that classmate exemplified that month’s character trait.