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Science is Egg-citing at McKenna

As part of their study of animal superpowers, first graders at McKenna Elementary School learned how birds protect their eggs. To put their knowledge into practice, students worked in teams to build contraptions that could protect an egg during a ceiling to floor drop.

Magnet and STEAM teacher Ryan Purcell said this was the culminating activity in a weeks-long unit through the Mystery Science program. Students learned more about animal survival such as camouflage and shared traits.

For the egg drop, students followed the engineering design process. They first had to work together to come up with a plan before building their contraptions. Materials at their disposal included large plastic cups, small paper cups, bubble wrap, tissue paper, cardboard tubes and tape.

When the construction was finished, it was time to test. For each contraption, Mr. Purcell put a hard-boiled egg inside, stood on a chair and then dropped it. He and the students then opened it up to see if the egg survived or cracked.