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Q and U Form a Perfect Union at McKenna

The letter Q is rarely found without its close companion, U, so kindergartners at McKenna Elementary School made that union official on March 27.

Kindergarten teachers explained that the Q and U wedding was the culmination of “an extravagant phonics lesson.” Youngsters learned how the two letters are a common letter blend, and Q is followed by U in just about every instance.

In class, students learned several different words that start with or contain “qu.” They designed class quilts, with each child contributing a square, and made paintings with Q-tips. In groups of five, they imagined themselves as quintuplets and changed their first names to start with “qu.”

When it was wedding day, each class gathered in the auditorium with their parents serving as guests. Each student played a role in the ceremony. In addition to the groom (Q) and bride (U), there was an officiant, bridesmaids and groomsmen, ring bearers and photographer. There were songs, poems and even an exchange of vows before Q and U were declared partners for life.