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A Triple-Digit Triumph at McKenna

A Triple-Digit Triumph at McKenna

There were 100 reasons to celebrate on Feb. 12, as students at McKenna Elementary School marked an important day on the calendar. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade, along with faculty and staff, joined in the festivities.

McKenna’s youngest learners rotated among 100-day centers, as each kindergarten classroom hosted a different activity. In one room, they stacked 100 cups, and in another, they attached 100 counting cubes together. Each pair of students was responsible for making a group of 10.

Another center promoted physical fitness. Kindergartners did 100 exercises in groups of tens. They clapped, jumped, hopped and stomped, among other exercises, then took a break for 100 seconds. In the final station, they did 100-day drawings.

Throughout the school, students wore shirts with 100 objects stuck on, while others dressed up as if they were 100 years old. There were also plenty of T-shirts with phrases like “I survived 100 days” or “100 days brighter.”

Fourth graders looked into the future by about 90 years. They made portraits of themselves at 100 years old, along with a writing project about what they will eat and how they will spend their time at the century mark.