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Lab Skills Put Into Action for McKenna Fourth Grade

To prepare students for future laboratory classes in middle school, McKenna fourth grade students participated in five lab experiments based upon important science concepts in STEAM. They enjoyed testing conductors and insulators within series circuits, as well as measuring mass on double-pan balances. Next, they created their own theories on how to find the volume of irregular-shaped objects and then utilized the displacement method to find the volume of these objects at five stations. A crowd favorite was building ramps and testing different release points to see if a ping-pong or golf ball would travel a longer distance. Afterwards, students learned about the history of the Olympic Games and then took part in the Frozen-themed Metric Olympics! Medal winners were composed of those who had the best predictions for following events: Straw Carrot-Nose Javelin Throw,  Snowflake Discus Toss, Cotton Snowball Throw,  Melted Olaf Sponge Squeeze, Snowshoe Big Foot, and a Coal Grab. For a final cumulative review, the students also played Jeopardy that tested cooperative teams on their science knowledge since kindergarten!