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McKenna 4th Grade Catapult Their Engineering Knowledge

During a recent STEAM activity, Mrs. Mullin's 4th grade students were presented with an engineering problem.  How could they help the Superheroes prevent natural disasters around the world?  Unfortunately, the Superheroes have used up all of their energy and lost all of their superpowers.  The 4th Grade mission? Build and test a catapult that will propel the superheroes the longest distance with the highest flight. 

This past Monday, students took to the McKenna field with Magnet teacher, Mrs. Scott to test their catapults and record their findings on their data table. Based on this data, students had to explain what happened as they added more sticks to their catapult and discuss their findings.  

Not only did the students have a chance to understand engineering, they had a chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!