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Third Annual Fossil Dinosaur Showcase

     All third grade students from McKenna have become archaeologists by exploring the wonderful history of fossils and dinosaurs. In cooperative research teams, they studied real life fossils in order to determine where they originated from and classified them into the paleozoic, mesozoic, and cenozoic time periods. Independently, they created their own trace, cast, mold, and true form fossils after researching the similarities and differences between the various impressions.
As paleontologists, groups of students worked together by their interest areas. They studied and compared the head, teeth, tail, spine, or limbs of four different dinosaurs with the use of McKenna’s library books. Afterwards, teams learned about the Titanosaurus species that was discovered in Argentina in 2014 and recreated large murals of the dinosaur!

    For their cumulative HMH Unit Project, the students collected and analyzed observational data of an ancient environment for one dinosaur. They recreated the location and time period their dinosaur lived in by creating a diorama. In a final showcase, the students presented their dioramas to each other in the Senior Center where they were able to use their presentation skills to share facts about what they learned with their peers. A special thank you to Ms. Burke, Mrs. Conte, Ms. Dizdar, Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Rosario, Mrs. Salony, and all of the wonderful teacher assistants for all of your continuous support and dedication to this unit! 

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