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Students ‘Caught’ Being Good at McKenna

The values of good citizenship are important at McKenna Elementary School where students are recognized for setting a positive example. Each teacher selects two students per month who get to be featured on the McKenna Junior Leaders bulletin board.

Assistant Principal Mary Anne Ferraro said that the goal is to promote a positive culture in the building. Among the values that students are recognized for are being caring and respectful, having courage, making good choices, showing courage, telling the truth and being a good friend.

When a student is chosen, his or her picture goes up on the bulletin along with a short write-up on a piece of heart-shaped paper. Ms. Ferraro said it is important to acknowledge publicly how they were “caught” being good. 

Fifth grader Alex F., a McKenna Junior Leader in January, said he makes it a priority to display good character because he sees himself as a role model for the younger students in the building, and wants to set a good example. Kindergartner Maggie S. said that she likes helping out others, and being nice to others make her feel good.