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McKenna Third Grade Turn Knowledge into Digital Books

Third grade students in Mrs. Scott’s STEAM classes have been very excited to complete research based upon an animal adaptation of their choice. Students have studied four animals each from categories such as camouflage, claws, horns, fur, wings, and even those that are venomous. They have been able to compare and contrast the animals based upon their behaviors such as their hibernation, migration, sleeping, and eating patterns. After recording their findings in graphic organizers, the students have used Book Creator in order to publish their results. Each of the five classes have also been able to compile all of their pages into one class book, which also includes the recording of their voices reading their own pages. Students truly enjoyed the freedom of choosing topics that they had an interest in and have developed an appreciation for the animals throughout the whole world. A special thank you to the third grade teachers and Mrs. Zupo for her assistance throughout the unit!