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McKenna Students Get in Character at Wax Museum

Why were Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Queen Elizabeth at McKenna Elementary School on June 13? Well, they weren’t, but second graders portrayed them and other famous individuals quite well at the annual living wax museum.

A decade-long tradition at the school, parents were invited to come in and experience the gymnasium-turned-museum, in which students stood still in their spots and didn’t talk until someone tapped them on the shoulder. They dressed up to resemble these famous figures, representing artists, authors, entertainers, inventors, scientists, world leaders and other notable individuals from the past and present.

Second grade teacher Kelly Korrow said students selected three people they would be interested in learning more about, before choosing one to research and portray at the wax museum. Each child created a fact card highlighting key points in the life of his or her person. Ms. Korrow said the goal was for students to learn more about different people who have made positive contributions to the world.

2019 Wax Museum