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Young Inventors Shine at McKenna

Fifth graders at McKenna Elementary School had a challenge — come up with an idea for a product that doesn’t exist. It took some time, but 13 students in the Magnet program showcased their ideas at the Invention Convention on May 28 with family members present.

Each child created an original prototype for a new tool or product that could be useful to buyers in the real world market, explained Magnet and STEAM teacher Michelle Scott. Students created displays that highlighted the features of their products and how they came up with their ideas. They analyzed market surveys and compiled data in order to guide their product creations.

“It’s pretty challenging because it feels like everything is already invented,” said Nick G. “I feel like I succeeded and came up with something original.”

Nick, who likes to go camping with his family, came up with the Camper Keeper, a glove with an attached flashlight and pocket for a phone.

Kayla S. invented Cheer Bandzs, an ankle strap that connects to a shoe. An avid cheerleader, she said she came up with the idea because sometimes her teammates shoes fall off during practice or a routine. Kayla explained that an inventor is someone who is able to solve a problem.

“I love it,” she said of her product. “It’s so unique and it gets the job done. I really felt like I was an inventor.”

Added Ms. Scott, “It is very impressive how the students have displayed success within communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.”