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An Exciting Ride to School for McKenna First Grader

     Earlier in the school year, students at McKenna Elementary learned about fire safety from the local experts. Volunteers from the Massapequa Fire Department visited the school and hosted fire safety assemblies for each grade level.  Students were taught the importance of fire safety and having a plan in case of an emergency.
     After the presentation students were invited to participate in a poster contest held by the Fire Department.  Students were tasked with drawing a poster to show the safest way to exit their homes if there was ever an emergency.  One lucky winner would receive a ride to school on the fire truck!!
     This year the winner was first grader, Tyler G.  Tyler and his brother Adam, along with their Dad and special guest, Mrs. Ferraro, got picked up at home and driven to school in the bright red, shiny firetruck.  They were greeted with cheers and hugs by their classmates from Mrs. Crescenzo's class. It was a very exciting morning at McKenna!



 tyler and teacher

hugs for Tyler