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Superb Spellers Take the Stage at McKenna

“Steward” was the winning word for fifth-grader Hailey F. during the annual spelling bee at McKenna Elementary School on Dec. 13.

The voluntary spelling bee was open to all fourth- and fifth-graders. Hailey emerged as the top speller among 47 students who participated in the preliminary round and six finalists who competed on the auditorium stage. Teacher Edward Courtney read each word and also used it in a sentence.

Fifth-graders Joseph M. and Olivia T. placed second and third, respectively. The three winners each received a trophy and Barnes & Noble gift card.

Hailey said that she spent a lot of time practicing at home with her mother and father and noted that many words on the list were hard. She explained that being a good speller will help her do better in school and attain her goals of going to college and getting a good job.

Spelling Bee Finalists  Winner - Hailey F.

Spelling Bee Finalists                                                  First Place Winner - Hailey F.