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Lockhart Students Take a Journey Into History


Fourth-graders experienced life in North America hundreds of years ago as the Journeys program came to Lockhart Elementary School in the Massapequa School District on Jan. 10.

            The program began with an educational video highlighting Native American culture. The all-purpose room stage was transformed into a museum featuring artifacts such as artwork, clothing, musical instruments and tools. Student could walk through a model of a longhouse and touch animal fur.

In the game room, children heard traditional Native American stories and played a dice game. Stories included messages on kindness, respect and friendship. There was also an opportunity to make pottery and participate in traditional dances. The program supported the fourth-grade social studies curriculum.

 Photo Caption: Lockhart Elementary School fourth-graders, from left, Karly M., Bianca B. and Cameron N. explored Native American artifacts during the Journeys program.