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Submerged in Learning at Lockhart

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A young rocket scientist was sent to Saturn to find a certain mineral, and students from Lockhart Elementary School were asked to help. Fifth-graders were immersed in finding and analyzing clues during the interactive Submerge Storytelling experience from Dec. 10-14.

 The young investigators followed the fictitious story of Emmy, a middle school student, who was recruited by NASA for a mission to Saturn to find lithium materials to replenish Earth’s battery supplies. A classroom was transformed in Emmy’s bedroom and Lockhart students went around with clipboards and pencils, looking at the different props to learn more about the young girl and the mission. They drew conclusions based on evidence so they could send reliable information to Emmy and the astronauts on the intergalactic expedition. 

 The program had a scientific component as students tested different minerals using magnets, magnifying glasses, portable lamps and streak plates to try to identify petalite from a collection of different minerals.

 Submerge Storytelling educator Cory Levine said the program builds skills that students can take back with them to the classroom, such as critical thinking, problem solving, reading comprehension and teamwork.