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Coding Craze Comes to Massapequa

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To mark Computer Science Education Week from Dec. 3-9, students throughout the district participated in the Hour of Code to further their understanding of computer programming.

 At Lockhart Elementary School, students created their own dance parties through Code.Org with the assistance of library media specialist Tara Gonzalez. They used drag-and-drop code to select their dancers, the music and the dance moves. After watching a short video about computer programming, students had turn-and-talk discussions about the ways in which coding applies to their lives now and how it will in their futures. Student Dante A. said that learning how to code is not only fun, but helps him get smarter and prepare for possible careers.

 Fairfield Elementary School fifth-graders worked with their kindergarten buddies led by library media specialist Claire Mitchell. Together, they used Kodable, a child-friendly coding program. The students used their critical thinking skills to sequence, read, estimate and make predictions to get an animated creature named Fuzzy to his destination.

 Sixth-graders in John Savoca’s MS 101 classes at Berner Middle School established the goal of collectively writing at least 50,000 lines of code through Code.Org. To start the unit, students were introduced to computer science vocabulary terms and learned about the roles that computer scientists play in society. Students then worked in by writing code to solve puzzles, create works of art and make video games.