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Young Inventors Find Solutions at East Lake

Fifth graders channeled the likes of Edison, Franklin and Tesla with their new products, which were recently showcased at the annual Invention Convention at East Lake Elementary School.

Nine students from the Magnet program displayed their posterboards and their prototypes. Students, staff and their parents were invited to walk around the cafeteria and learn about the inventions.

Magnet and STEAM teacher Lisa Gennardo said that students spent about two months on the project. They began by doing research on famous inventors and notable inventions. Then, they were tasked with thinking of a problem and coming up with a product to solve it. Students built prototypes, did market research and created brand names, logos and slogans.

The ideas ranged from an anti-sand wipe to help people clean off after going to the beach, to a customizable scooter bumper to help children avoid getting bruises on their legs, to a heated umbrella that would dry quicker. 

“The Invention Convention encourages curiosity and determination,” Ms. Gennardo said. “The ideas are outstanding and I think we have some future ‘Shark Tank’ candidates. I want to buy one of each product.”