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Art Trading Card Collaboration with East Lake and MHS

Julie Thornton's Digital Media classes at MHS and Patti Krakoff's kindergarten at East Lake created artist trading cards about themselves and exchanged them for a critique. Kindergartener students wrote two sentences about what they liked about the artwork or what they wanted to know more about in the work. With the help of Mrs. Susan Corrado, they recorded their statements via a video to share with the older students. The high schoolers wrote encouraging messages on the back of the kindergarteners' projects and mailed them back to them. This project allowed students to connect with another artist at a different part of their art journey. It showed the kindergarteners what is possible to create and something to strive for. It allowed the high schoolers to be reflective of their growth. Looking back from where they started and to where they are now. It allowed all of the students to care for another community member and encourage other artists to continue to create.

Art Trading Cards