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High-Flying Science Lessons Engage Massapequa Students

Young scientists in the Massapequa School District are learning by doing. They are exploring different scientific concepts by thinking, building, testing and tinkering, the same steps that the professionals follow.

At East Lake Elementary School, fourth graders studied the science of flight by making hoop gliders. Working with Magnet and STEAM teacher Lisa Gennardo, students needed few supplies to create an object that taught them about drag, gravity, lift and thrust. Each student made one small hoop and one large hoop out of paper, which were then taped to a straw.

 After construction, students went outside to test their hoop gliders. Ms. Gennardo encouraged them to throw it in different ways – with the large hoop in front, with the small hoop in front and with the hoops facing up and down, to see how the changes affected the performance of the flying devices.