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Fourth Graders Immersed in Native American History

The Native Americans of Long Island and New York are a focal point of the fourth grade social studies curriculum and students in Massapequa recently had a hands-on history lesson. Educators from Journeys Into American Indian Territory visited East Lake and Lockhart elementary schools in January to share their expertise.Fourth graders at each school had a full-day immersion into Native American history in which they attended multiple workshops. At the museum, they looked at cultural artifacts, touched animal fur and walked through a model of a longhouse. Another session focused on the Iroquois government and its comparisons to American democracy. Students also watched an educational video, made clay pots, played Native American games, heard traditional stories.Prior to the Journeys program, fourth graders at East Lake read Native American folktales, which they then retold through pictures on large pieces brown paper that were made to look like leather.