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Letters to the Troops from East Lake Students

Anthony Thomas (nephew of Carmen Keaney) was recently deployed to Afghanistan where he will spend the next nine months as an Army Medic caring for his combat partners overseas.  When Mrs. Keaney told her students about him, they asked if they could write him letters and send him and his friends some jokes to make them laugh. So, Mrs. Keaney put out a request to all staff at East Lake to see if they would like to contribute to the care package that would be sent.  The feedback was tremendous! Many beautiful cards, well wishes and thoughts were sent to the troops, as well as, some major necessities like candy, soap, toothbrushes and tissues. The Thomas family (and Mrs. Keaney) would like to thank all of you at East Lake for your support of Anthony and all troops serving our country.   Special thanks to Mrs. O’Mara, Ms. Rattoballi, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Dunston and the office staff for all of your thoughtful contributions!!