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Imagination Inspires Playgrounds at East Lake

Most children think of playgrounds as having swings and slides, but fourth-graders at East Lake Elementary School were charged with thinking outside of the box.

Students in the Magnet program, led by teacher Lisa Gennardo, recently read “Iggy Peck, Architect.” The book by Andrea Beaty is about a young boy who builds various structures from any objects he can find. East Lake students were then asked to tap into their own imaginations and design playgrounds.

 Ms. Gennardo tasked students will creating playgrounds that would appeal to older children and teenagers. They could work individually or in small groups. Some of the playground themes included fun in the sun, mystical forest, space and sports.

Students used Chromebooks to research playgrounds. They drew up blueprints before beginning construction on their models using recycled materials. Ms. Gennardo said that they will later create Google Slide presentations about the features of their playgrounds.

East Lake Playground