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Birch Lane Students Explore Walking and Biking Benefits

Some showed up on foot, others on two wheels, to Birch Lane Elementary School on Oct. 6 for National Walk and Bike to School Day. The quarter-century old initiative is sponsored by the National Center for Safe Routes to School to promote physical activity, safe pedestrian and bicycling skills, and a healthy environment.

Students were able to take advantage of a picture perfect fall day. Many children arrived with family and friends, so the walk to school allowed for some quality time together. Others came by bicycle, and by the start of the school day there wasn’t an open slot in Birch Lane’s bike racks.

The PTA sponsored a scavenger hunt, and children could look for different objects on the way to school such as a blue car, a yellow house, a pink flower, an American flag and a mailbox. Students were also invited to wear different colors to school depending on their grade level, beginning with red for kindergartners and going right through the rainbow to purple for fifth graders.

Principal Stephen Aspetti said it was great to see so many students participate in the national campaign. He noted the many positive aspects about walking and biking to school, from the health and fitness benefits to building camaraderie among friends.