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Birch Lane Students Take Printing to the Next Level

Fifth graders are learning that printing is no longer just about ink on paper, as they explore a third dimension at Birch Lane Elementary School.

As part of their Makerspace unit in library, students are creating personalized objects using the design program Tinkercad on their Chromebooks. They are working with library media specialists Evangeline King and Jacqueline Lee to learn how to use the software and properly scale the components of their objects. Some students are creating their names attached to a base, while are others are making objects that represent their individual interests.

Once all of the objects are designed, they will be made on the 3D printer. While Ms. King and Ms. Lee provide guidance, students are encouraged to explore the software and ask each other questions to solve problems.

 “We foster learning environment in which all help each other,” Ms. King said. “Someone might figure something out, so now they’re an expert in that and they are going to share with everyone else.”

 Ms. King added that in addition to making their customized objects, students are learning about the applications of 3D printing in society.