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December Berner Learners

Berner Learners is an education initiative at Berner. Students are recognized for exemplifying strong character attributes and academic effort. Working together with the Character Education Club, while also recalling "The 16 Habits of Mind" by Costa and Kallick, the Berner houses select five students each month that demonstrate the five core attributes of Achievement, Character, Attitude, Effort, and Improvement. One student per attribute will be selected each month..
Throughout the month, house teachers will be observing and evaluating their students. House teachers will collectively select the one student who best models each attribute at the end of each month. The five students selected each month for each house are identified as Berner Learners of the Month and their pictures will be displayed on the Berner Learner bulletin board near the dean’s office.
Achievement: The student with the highest average for the month or the student who is performing well in all subjects.
Character: A student who commits random acts of kindness.  Someone who is friendly, responsible, helpful and honest.
Attitude: A student who is pleasant and respectful to teachers and students. 
Effort: A student who attends extra help frequently, asks good questions, and strives for excellence.
Improvement: A student who has an academic, character and/or attitude reformation.