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Berner Students are Clued in to Ancient Greece

The mysteries of ancient Greece were solved by sixth graders at Berner Middle School who relied on clues provided by their classmates. For a technology-based social studies project, each student in Kathryn Pullen’s class was assigned either a Greek mythical creature or location to make a video about.

The caveat was that students could not reveal the subject of their videos, but instead could only give hints. They worked with Ms. Pullen and technology learning coach Meredith Marin to create the short “Who am I?” and “What am I?” videos using Flipgrid. Students furthered their understanding of the research process by using only credible sources to find information.

On Feb. 28, students participated in a digital scavenger hunt. They went around the room with their Chromebooks, scanned each QR code to bring up a video about a mythical creature or location, and filled out a sheet with their guesses. As a guide, all of the answers were hidden inside of word art, designed to resemble the Parthenon of ancient Greece.

The sixth grade social studies curriculum focuses on ancient civilizations. In addition to learning about mythical creatures and historical locations, they read “The Lightning Thief” Rick Riordan, a novel based on Greek mythology.