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Berner Adventureland Trip Builds Unity

Berner Middle School students and staff went on a community building adventure with a schoolwide field trip on May 7. Approximately 1,450 sixth, seventh and eighth graders took the seven-mile journey to Adventureland for a day of bonding in a different setting.

The park was open exclusively for Berner’s students and staff. It was the fourth annual trip to serve as both an end-of-the-year celebration and as a chance for socialization among students from all three grades, who might not always cross paths during a typical school day.

“I liked how it was all three grades together,” said seventh grade class President James M. “It brought us closer together as a school.”

Added class Secretary Gabriella M., “We could spend time with our friends that we usually don’t have a lot of classes with.”

The trip was organized by sixth grade class advisers Victoria Maisano and Melissa Rollin, seventh grade class advisers Dani Shehada and Daniela Visceglie, and eighth grade class advisers Carol Scheuerer and Samantha Snyder.

“It’s really great for students and staff to mingle and to do that independently and safely because we had the whole park to ourselves,” Ms. Visceglie said.

Teachers explained that social skill development is extremely important at the middle school level, and this trip served as a meaningful opportunity for students to bond with their friends and establish new friendships. Ms. Visceglie also said that it was a great opportunity for students to see their teachers in a different light, as they enjoyed the different park attractions together throughout the day. Seventh grader Briana N. said that the highlight of trip was when she and her friends were joined by their math teacher on the rollercoaster.