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Berner Students Put Their BRAVE Faces On

Berner Students Put Their BRAVE Faces On

The BRAVE program, Beliefs in the Rights and Values of Everyone, is an important component of the seventh-grade health curriculum at Berner Middle School.

Since having the 6th grade at Berner the BRAVE program has become a multi-level program that students begin participating in during their 6th grade health classes and this is expanded on and reinforced during the 7th grade program.

All seventh-graders receive three days of BRAVE instruction during the year led by social worker Marisa Boulukos. Students understand the legal aspects of the Dignity for All Students Act and how they can protect themselves and others, as well as learning who they can turn to for help within the schools. The purpose of BRAVE is to show students how to be leaders and role models within their school, and how to stand up for others in need.

Each three-day workshop includes a mock court case about a student who has been bullied. The seventh-graders are assigned roles including the judge, attorneys, plaintiff, defendant, witnesses and jury.