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Ames, Lockhart Connect for Nutrition Fair

They learned about nutrition, while also getting some exercise. First graders at Lockhart Elementary School took a walk to the neighboring Massapequa High School Ames Campus, where they spent some time learning about good eating habits from ninth graders.

Students in Denise Baldinger’s health classes hosted a nutrition fair for their younger peers on June 9. Approximately 60 Lockhart students attended, where they played board games, listened to stories and explored the different food groups. First graders rotated among five stations, which were each led by Ames students.

“It’s a really good connection between our older and younger students,” Ms. Baldinger said.

Ninth grader Isabelle P. remembers coming to the fair when she was a first grader at Lockhart, and now it was her turn to teach. She and a classmate made one of the board games that students played, which focused on healthy eating choices.

“They like to learn and we like to teach them,” she said. “It’s really important that kids make healthy decisions.”

Each Lockhart student got a fruit or vegetable stamp at each station and also left with a My Plate Pledge certificate, signifying their new knowledge about nutrition. They then got to enjoy a walk back to Lockhart on a sunny day.