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Forming Bonds Over Breakfast at Ames

From as close at Bethpage and as far away as Honduras, many new students have joined the ninth grade class at Massapequa High School’s Ames Campus, and they have been welcomed with open arms into the learning community.

The school hosted a new student breakfast in the library on Sept. 30 for ninth graders who are new to the community this year. Although they didn’t come to Ames from Berner Middle School like most of their peers, they share in common their expected graduation from Massapequa High School in 2025.

The program was organized by the guidance department and gave new students a chance to bond with longtime Massapequa students over pastries and orange juice. Members of the Ames student council were part of the welcoming committee that also included Principal Tania Willman, Executive Assistant to the Principal Danielle Kennedy and the pupil personnel services staff.

“We want to build connections,” Ms. Willman said. “We want our new students to know that we’re here to support them, make them feel comfortable and help them get acclimated to the high school experience.”

New students learned about the many opportunities available to them at Ames, including clubs and athletics. Ninth graders can take advantage of extracurricular activities both at Ames as well as at the high school’s main campus by hopping on a shuttle bus after school. Student council members helped the newcomers get acquainted with the community by talking about some fun things to do in Massapequa and even making a few restaurant recommendations.