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3D Pen Inventor Shares Expertise at Ames

3D Pen Inventor Shares Expertise at Ames

3D Pens are a popular tool in the library at Massapequa High School’s Ames Campus, and students got to meet the inventor during an afterschool program on Nov. 7. Maxwell Bogue, creator of the 3Doodler Pen and co-founder of WobbleWorks Inc., visited the school to talk about the product as well as the invention process.

More than 30 ninth graders attended the informative presentation including members of the Library Makerspace 3D Club, led by library media specialist Evangeline King. The club regularly meets after school to create projects using the 3D printer and 3D pens and Ms. King explained that the students were excited to meet the man who created one of their favorite resources.

Mr. Bogue talked to students about the steps involved in turning an idea into a successful product, including creating a prototype, improving upon the design, securing funding, finding a manufacturer and getting the product to consumers. He discussed the applications of 3D printing in the construction, engineering, fashion and medical fields, showcasing many products he made with his pens including a jacket and a hand with moveable fingers. Additionally, students share projects they have made with the pen.

To help students make the most of the 3D pens, he gave students tips on how to use the different attachments and what types of surfaces work best for drawing.

“This helps students for the future because 3D printing is an emerging technology,” Mr. Bogue said. “By the school having this technology available, it is going to increase their readiness for the workforce.”