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Making a Statement With Art and Words at Ames

Ninth grade artists put a new twist on a common practice by using technology to create their artist statements, which analyze their successes and struggles this year. In preparation for the annual art show at Massapequa High School’s Ames Campus, students in Tildy Becker-DeLuca’s studio in art class recorded their statements, which will be accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Each student will have about a half-dozen pieces displayed at the art show on June 5. Typically, they would post their artist statement with their work, but this year there will be a QR code instead. Guests can scan the code with their cell phone cameras and hear each student artist recite his or her statement.

The students worked with technology learning coach Jarrett Fifield to record their statements. On their Chromebooks they used Vocaroo, an online voice recorder. Students could record as many times as they wanted until they were satisfied. Each artist received a unique QR code which linked to the recording, and could also download it onto their computers.  

“This is a good tool for a project like this because it’s simple,” Mr. Fifield said. “Their need is pretty direct in providing a way for viewers of their art to hear their artist statements.”

Ms. Becker-DeLuca said that as students prepared their artist statements, they were asked to consider several factors including their favorite and least favorite projects of the year, how they have grown as artists and their overall experiences in the class.