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Calm Corner a Space for Tranquility at Massapequa High School

Calm Corner  Calm Corner

A new place to pause, reflect and reset has opened at Massapequa High School with the creation of Calm Corner. A room on the second floor has been transformed into a serene atmosphere, which students can use with the recommendation of a professional from the pupil personnel services department.

Principal Barbara Lowell said the idea came from a student who took the popular Mindfulness Matters class. After finding a space, visiting a student wellness center at MacArthur High School in Levittown and lots of planning, the idea became a reality for the second semester this year. The room was painted a calm color and filled with flexible seating options, artwork, inspirational posters and different manipulatives.

“It was set up so students can take a pause from the day,” social worker Marisa Boulukos said. “It teaches them to self-regulate when they're having a tough moment.”

Ms. Lowell explained that Calm Corner is part of a greater support system for students. Using the space to self-regulate, she said, is paired with receiving support from either a school guidance counselor, psychologist or social worker.

Calm Corner has a dedicated staff member who can support students and guide them through different activities.

“The feedback has been great,” Ms. Lowell said. “We found that there was an increased need among students who were looking for a place to destress. They appreciate that Calm Corner is there and they have the ability to use different strategies.”

Ultimately, the purpose of Calm Corner is to support academic success. It is a space where students can regain focus, reduce stress levels and transition back to their instructional day.

“It really does give them confidence,” social worker Joanne Waters added. “They have a place to go to gather their thoughts.”

Calm Corner will be an evolving space, as plans are in the works to add a mural that will be created by Massapequa High School art students.