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High School Science Students are Ready to Shine

High School Science Students are Ready to Shine

A team of a dozen young scientists from the district will test their mettle at the regional Science Olympiad competition, which will be held on Feb. 2 at Division Avenue High School.

The Science Olympiad team is open to students from Massapequa High School’s main and Ames campuses. It is coached by science teachers Kimberly Bruno from Ames and Natalie Pedisich from the high school. Students meet once a week after school to plan for the competition.

Several of the events require students to construct projects ahead of time. Junior Kyle Y. is participating in the Wright Stuff, in which he has to build a rubberband-powered airplane. At the competition, his goal will be to get it to stay up in the air as long as possible.

Kyle will also be partnering with sophomore Katelyn S. in Write It, Do It. At the competition, one of the team members will be shown an object and write instructions on how to build it. The other teammate will then be given the instruction and the necessary materials and attempt to construct it to resemble the sample creation.

Junior Jill S. is participating in Code Busters, and event that will require her to decipher codes. She is also building an instrument for Sound of Music. She can’t use any materials that would be found in a traditional instruments, and she must be able to play a full scale at the competition.

“I like having a challenge, being a given a prompt and then having to build something,” Jill said.

There are more than 20 events at the competition. Massapequa will have at least one or two students taking part in every event. Students had the ability to select based upon their scientific interests.

Ms. Pedisich said that she and Ms. Bruno are there to mentor the students and help them understand the requirements for each event, but the onus is on them to prepare for the competition.

“All of our students are here because they want to be here,” Ms. Bruno said. “They have to be dedicated to it. The more time and effort that they put into their individual events, the better that they’re going to do.”